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Stream the latest from Campus Movie Fest — the world's largest student film festival. Enjoy work from next-generation filmmakers at colleges and universities around the world.

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From inspirational programs like SWAY ATL to future forward content from Tech Square ATL and A3C, THEA is moving Atlanta forward on all fronts, from social issues to urban renewal projects.

Told with Soul

The city is changing in exciting new ways, and THEA offers everyone a voice. With programming like Blossom and Underexposed, THEA highlights Atlanta's many identities.

Check the Scene

From Southern Gothic to the zombie apocalypse, the team at Barred Owl Productions is developing some of the freshest work in horror and suspense in ATL.

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THEA is all about showcasing the people who make Atlanta great — the doers, makers, artists and entertainers. From the inspirational TILA Studios to the dramatic Verses, find your new favorite show right here.

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New to THEA? Browse these crowd favorites to find what’s hot right now.


From popsicle pioneers to AI experts, these visionaries are making Atlanta business even better.


Gamers and travelers get equal airtime in this celebration of global and local community.


Peaches, grits and “comfy” chicken. Grab a seat at the table and sample Atlanta’s food scene.


Bob your head to the soulful sounds of Ruby Velle and up-and-comers from the A3C Festival.


Grab your jersey, dig into athlete stories and find out what it means to rep United FC.


Blockchain, Bitcoin, AR and VR. Scope the latest startups and innovations — before anyone else.

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