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THEA is chockfull of brilliant content from today’s top creators. But when it comes to engaging, inspiring content, we just can’t have enough. That’s why we’re always looking for new creators to strengthen our network.

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Get in the spotlight.

  • Multi-platform distribution: Web, iOS, Android, Roku
  • Centralized content management system
  • Cross-device viewing

You do you.

  • Free to creators and viewers
  • Non-exclusivity (free to distribute on other channels/platforms)
  • Revenue sharing model

Own your audience.

  • Creators own their community within a walled network model
  • Ability to create multiple channels for your network

Stretch your reach.

  • Possible access to production funding through brand partnerships and grants
  • Opportunities for brand sponsorship deals

Feel the (marketing) support.

  • Access to the THEA community/ecosystem
  • Promotion through the THEA ecosystem and marketing channels
  • Marketing support for channels and creators

Leave the tech to us. No, really.

  • Create and manage multiple channels & playlists
  • TV Channel functionality for episodic content
  • Manage licensing compliance by:
    • Geography/country
    • Timeframe

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