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THEA has something for everyone. Creators. Consumers. Heck, even brands. When brands like yours work with THEA, they get to expand their reach, partner with a growing platform and sponsor today’s top creators. THEA is a global ignition point for culture, innovation and social change. Want an audience of hip, creative-minded individuals? It’s right here, waiting (not in a sad-by-the-phone way, but with true excitement).

Branded content.

  • Develop original content through direct access to local Atlanta creators
  • Includes:
    • Featured placement on THEA homepage across platforms
    • Organic social media promotion

Paid Media.

  • Targeted video ads
    • :15 or :30 second video ads
    • Pre, mid and post-roll placements
    • Programmatic buying

Attracting talent.

  • Promote job openings
  • Get your brand in front of creative-minded talent
  • Showcase what makes your company a great place to work

Emerging creator fund contributor.

  • Enable and support emerging creators
  • Become a foundational partner in developing Atlanta’s next wave

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